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The City of Children is a blessing  to all of the orphans located in the surrounding areas of the Baja. This orphanage is located in the Baja of Mexico and is funded solely by Churches of Christ in America.

Southside visits annually during the summer months and stays for a week to teach and play with the children and work in the community on service projects. The City of Children is a refuge for kids whose lives have been shattered by abandonment, abuse, neglect, and other tragic events. We go to serve them and in return we develop a larger world view and an understanding that the love of God is a universal language.  Going to Mexico is one way we fulfill the command of Jesus to "go and make disciples" Matthew 28:18-20

If you are interested in serving in the mission field please contact John Rosin.

For more information on the City of Children, click the link below:

We have 44 guests and no members online