Today it is important to Millennials to be ‘real’. I asked Google what this meant and learned it is to live what one believes. This means that if I claim to be a Christian, I must act and think like a Christian. The question becomes: who gets to decide what is a ‘real Christian’? I know that business & science would buy a survey to answer our question and a teacher might consult a dictionary; a Catholic would consult the Pope. I know that in religion there is no agreement on what is real. My response would be to ask Jesus what he really wants of his followers. Jesus ‘Sermon on the Mount’ at Matt. 5,6 & 7 would be a good beginning. At Matt. 11:25-30 we read that Jesus commanded his followers to be yoked to him like oxen pulling a cart; sounds to me like slavery. At Matt. 18:1-9 Jesus commanded his people to be humble; sounds like mind control. At Matt. 19: 1-12 Jesus told his followers who to marry; sounds like tyranny to me. Since we are images of God I Cor. 11:1-16; sounds like dictatorship. We know we are to be like Jesus and Matt. 27 commands we must be crucified. But Matt. 28 sounds like we will be raised from death to live with God in heaven. The price sounds too cheap and we Christians are just not real. Perhaps we should review if we want to claim Jesus as our Judge Acts 10:42.