In Genesis 1 God made the claim that He created the heavens and the earth. At Gen. 14:19 the King of Salem stated the fact for humans. Jesus then issued His claim at Matthew 28:18. Because of this, the religion of Science has started every argument about existence by stating that ‘since there is no god or creator’, we humans claim to speak for the universe that we can see and the earth that we live on. What the religion of Science is guilty of is public theft of ownership of our earth and the entire universe. God could have called court in the heavens to determine the reality, but God has postponed the day of judgment until the end of time. Jesus pictured this judgment scene at Matthew 25:31-46. Jehovah actually put humans in charge of the earth at Gen. 1:26&28 with the task to ‘subdue this earth’ and make it user friendly. We humans have failed in our responsibility, so we respond by stating that the universe is just and accident. Human judges have agreed with the religion of Science, but the universe knows its master and responds to God’s voice. One day the end will come, and God will allow the earth to be destroyed by fire; and humanity will not have a clue until it is too late. Humans (that in our arrogance) divide-up the land and seas for private ownership will all be destroyed. Jehovah intended for humans to work together to make this earth a better place for life. God stated at Gen 11:1-9 that arrogance and greed will divide and conquer us but working together will make the earth better. The sad part of this ‘deed of ownership’ is that the earth could have been ours.