People today wrestle with fake news and reality. The Newspaper that bragged that Trump resigned was just false. The auto seller that boasts it will be biggest in the U.S. is presumption. The hockey team that brags they are best on earth is still bravado. When God stated that He created all matter there was no human to question his work. The definition of God is the One who speaks and no-one can mess with what he creates. The scientists who claim that the cosmos began with a big-bang are so divided and confused that one should suspect their idea was supported by extraterrestrial theorist. Their smoke hurts our eyes and the mirrors reflect the consequences of their claim that we are all just animals. The News Industry regularly speaks false news so they can be first with the most drama. America will soon hear little but the buzz that News Companies broadcast to inform a new World Culture. Remember, the Bible is the collected words of God as recorded by eyewitnesses and simple men sent to speak truth to humanity. Do you know what is real and what is fake? How then will we know in ten years when we have forgotten how to read God’s Truth?