Many years Ed Ames sang this song to the world, and few heard the answer in the last two words of the song: ‘Hallelujah’. It should have been written in response to the song ‘Blowing in the Wind’. The song recalls the violence of this evil world ruled by Satan and asks repeatedly: ‘Who Will Answer’. It then suggests answers that the world recognizes: temple bells, cloistered halls or in the stars or in ourselves. The world is still seeking answers to Democracy or destruction, Truth or words. Attacks on the ‘Words of God’ / the Bible are relentless. The world today does not even use truth for Science or Inclusion. So: ‘Who Will Answer’? We know that we have truth, and we must shout the ‘Words of Jesus’ from the tops of skyscrapers. Sounds like communication towers on top of tall buildings. Few in this world will see the unseen and come to believe the words of Jesus. Please remember that Jesus said ‘I am the way the truth and the life’. John 14:6 Verse 11 suggests that we ‘at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves.’ The works are healings, raising the dead and removing demons. But since we don’t see these works today, we must tell how Jesus heals us, raises us from doubt and removes the demons of selfish desires. In Romans 7:21-25 we find that even Paul struggled with our sinful nature. We are truly slaves to our sinful nature, but Jesus raises us from baptism to a new nature. The new being can choose to walk with Jesus and obey his words. Jesus is the Answer! We get to deliver the message with love and grace.